Business Strategy

What makes us different? Our strong service and supply network as well as our commitment to quality give us a competitive edge that has enabled us to secure critical partnerships with leading suppliers around the world. These strengths also mean we can add unique value to the solutions we formulate for our growing base of clients – solutions that will help them reach their business targets.

We have the knowledge

Rich heritage in Brook Crompton, a brand that has lasted more than 100 years.

We have the skills

Solid engineering and technical capabilities to modify and maintain motors.

We have the products

Competitively sourced, flexible products that can be customised to your needs.

We have the reach

Expanding network in the UK, North America, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Driving Sustainable Growth

The Group has completely re-focused and re-positioned itself in recent years. Having laid a firm foundation and put a strong management team at the helm, Brook Crompton is ready to enhance its lead, building on earlier initiatives that have successfully expanded revenues and operating profits. To this end, we have devised a three-prong strategy to achieve sustainable growth:

  1. Strengthen Distribution Channels. We will continue to improve our processes and systems, so we can meet client needs effectively and efficiently, while identifying strategic locations for additional warehousing. This will allow us to reduce lead times and maximise our ability to handle ground demands.
  2. Broaden Customer Reach. We will capitalise on our trademark Brook Crompton brand as we beef up our sales teams worldwide. This will help us deepen our existing client relationships, extend our reach to new customers, expand into new business segments and thus drive up sales in every region.
  3. Establish Quality & Effective Supplier Base. Our goal is to develop a base of high-quality yet cost-effective suppliers, so we can bring tangible savings to clients and accelerate our push into existing and new markets.

Our Products


Backed by more than 110 years of technical and design expertise, the Group – through its Brook Crompton brand – delivers consistently reliable electric motors to a global market.

Trusted to power various industrial activities across diverse market sectors, they employ robust designs that drive fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors and much more – every second of every day.

Driven by technology and innovation, Brook Crompton offers one of the widest available ranges of electric motors for operation in safe area segments (meeting efficiency standards for territories around the world), as well as products for use in hazardous atmospheres and hostile environments.

Renowned for their adaptability, our motors can be modified to fit the needs of varying markets, with our expert service team always on hand to give you the technical support required to choose the right product for you. For bespoke situations and complete flexibility, Brook Crompton will design and manufacture products that fulfil individual client specifications.

The company has a long-standing reputation for efficient and dedicated customer service, supporting clients worldwide through its global distribution network.

In shaping the future of electric motors, Brook Crompton is supplying new products that will improve energy efficiency, lower the costs of ownership throughout the motor lifetime and reduce the impact on the environment, thereby promoting greater sustainability.

Our Corporate structure and Geographical Presence

Headquartered in Singapore, Brook Crompton has established significant presence in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. To extend our reach and serve our customers better, the Group is looking to increase the number of sales offices and warehouses in these regions and beyond.

United Kingdom and Europe

Brook Crompton is the clear leader in high-efficiency electric motors across the UK market. Founded in 1878 by Colonel R.E.B. Crompton, a distinguished engineer, inventor and industrialist, it quickly rose to prominence, producing virtually every electrical device of the time. The first major British manufacturer of generators, it was instrumental in India’s early efforts to modernise the nation by introducing electricity.
Today, Brook Crompton continues to celebrate that spirit of bold innovation and tireless enterprise, developing products that readily meet the need for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and adaptability. This drive for excellence has enabled us to maintain our lead in the UK, where customers have come to rely on our commitment to quality, not just in the products we offer but also in the extensive service network we put at their disposal. New products arriving in the UK business, which together with operational changes will allow us to exploit potential within Europe as well as the UK & Ireland, starting with some of the former markets of strength for Brook Crompton. We will continue to work on the North African market, supported by the Wolong Group in some cases. Investment is expected in some of the former Soviet republics which are key oil and gas players, and we will seek to develop those through its network of partners.

North America

Since the Group’s restructure, we have renewed our push to widen our reach and grow our market share in this region, where our products have been well-received for more than 50 years.
We established warehouse facilities in Cleveland and Toronto with brand-new modification line will significantly enhance our ability to meet specific client needs swiftly and effectively. Besides, with warehouse facilities we are able to keep buffer stocks to meet the demand from customers in North America market. Especially shortage of product on the shelves of our competitors is expected to leave us in a positive position due to its inventory in hand. New products will be introduced allowing us to leverage its current sales channels whilst effectively controlling cost.


Based in Singapore and Australia, our Asia-Pacific arm has intensified efforts to capture surging demand for electric motors around the region, especially in emerging segments.
Making the most of Brook Crompton’s technological edge, it has focused on introducing high-efficiency motors that perform optimally even in the most challenging service environments. We intends to use the support of the Wolong Group production unit in Vietnam and “close to the market” production in able to grow its business with local partners in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We also establish warehousing in Australia to support partners in Australia and New Zealand and will introduce products to allow it to pursue project work in the Australian water, mining and steel industries.